Golang Job: Backend Developer (Java-Golang)

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Dallas, Texas - United States of America

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Backend Developer (Java/Golang)

Hybrid - Dallas, TX

Long Term

5 years experience (Java, Golang)
Telemetry (SNMP, gNMI, RESTful APIs)
Microservices architectures (3 years minimum)

Required Skills:

  • Very strong GoLang or Java language proficiency having at least 5 years experience in software and systems engineering
  • Good understanding of Networking concepts.
  • Good Grasp of Network observability and Telemetry (SNMP, gNMI, RESTful APIs)
  • Should have worked on Observability platforms or have strong knowledge of Observability/Telemetry systems.
  • Expertise and experience in delivering large-scale systems using big data technologies including but not limited to: Enterprise scale Kafka, Splunk, PrometheLoki/Grafana stack, ELK stack and other Time Series databases
  • Strong skills with Stream Processing Frameworks
  • Good understanding of implementing and deploying Container-based applications via CI/CD pipelines.
  • Strong skills in building RESTful API s over Data platforms

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