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Atlanta, GA - United States of America

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The Software Engineering Team Lead - Java will serve as the Lead Engineer for the Supply Chain operations group. This role requires a dual focus on code development (50-70% of the time) and leading the team in various capacities. The primary emphasis is on Java-based supply chain applications facilitating communication between suppliers, the organization's supply chain data lake, and other third-party systems.

  • Lead a team dedicated to supply chain operations applications.
  • Engage in communication with developers and team leads across different areas of the organization to diagnose issues.
  • Allocate 50-70% of time to writing code.
  • Lead 1 to 2 developers on the team while coordinating with the customer product owner and lead developer.

Key Requirements:
  • Substantial experience in Java development.
  • Proficiency in NUnit testing and formal testing processes for development teams.
  • Ability to drive team performance improvements, address bugs, and write high-quality code.
  • Familiarity with Python is advantageous but not mandatory.
  • Proficiency in XML for data exchange among suppliers, third-party systems, and the organization's supply chain systems.
  • Required experience with AWS.
  • Familiarity with GoLang (limited part of the role for light support and bug fixes).
  • Previous experience in design, architecture, and leading teams.
  • Understanding of unit testing and how to address bugs in the production environment.
  • Minimum of 10+ years of experience in software development.
  • Experience in large organizations with enterprise-level applications or consulting firms providing software solutions is a plus.

Relationship Skills: The ideal candidate should demonstrate an ability to build rapport with the business, Product Ownership, and the engineering team to deliver value.

Technical Skills: The ideal candidate will possess knowledge of modern practices and tools, along with expertise in languages/frameworks. They should be able to describe tools and techniques used, covering design patterns and software craftsmanship from previous engineering experiences.

If you are an experienced Software Engineering Team Lead with a strong background in Java development, complemented by effective team leadership skills, we encourage you to apply. Join this dynamic team at the forefront of supply chain operations.