Golang Job: Infrastructure Security Engineer-Hybrid-DC

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Washington, DC - United States of America

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Extensive AWS, terraform scripting, Security experience, Java and go-lang language experience preferred.


TITLE: Infrastructure Security Engineer

Level: Senior - L4 level


  • Assessment of current state of existing SaaS product:
    • What does the current infrastructure look like, is there redundancy, and how can
    • it be scaled if necessary?
    • How is source code handled for the applications, and is there code for the infrastructure?
    • How and where is testing happening if it's happening?
    • Is there any automation involved in build, test or deployment?
  • Addressing immediate needs of issues in reliability


  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience with DevSecOps best practices like CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Observability,
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Experience with reliability and scaling of golang and Java applications

Desired: Previous startup or consulting experience

Desired: Experience with cloud costs analysis and reduction strategies

Desired: Mobile apps experience

Timeline: 6-week contract

End Client: commercial

Clearance: No

Pulled from our Fulltime Infra Engineer JD:

In this role, you will define and communicate strategy, and implementation details, with both technical and non-technical audiences. You will be expected to advocate and use principles such as Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD to automate building, testing, and delivery of software systems and infrastructure, as well as implement observability across software, infrastructure, and security concerns. Additionally, you will work within a cross-functional agile team, collaborating with product, design, customer engagement, and other engineering disciplines.

You will be a part of a close-knit team of experienced engineers and technologists who are passionate about building reliable and secure infrastructure solutions. The team is made up of engineers from diverse locations and backgrounds, who work closely with other teams across the organization to deliver innovative solutions for our customers.