Golang Job: Senior Back-End Software Engineer

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Seattle, WA - United States of America

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We are seeking a highly skilled Senior Software Engineer to provide substantial support to multiple engineering teams within our organization. These engineers will be heavily involved in fundamental tasks such as drafting RFCs, creating architectural documentation, restructuring code, facilitating the success of fellow engineers through pair programming, and managing CI/CD platforms. Our client has several nascent teams that are expanding rapidly, fostering a startup-like culture within the company, despite its substantial size.

Required Skills & Experience
  • Proficiency (4 to 6 years of experience) with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Backend Languages like Golang, Java, or Python (since our team utilizes all three)
  • Competence in operating within a Virtualized Environment
  • Familiarity with AWS Cloud services
  • Expertise in tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, or CloudFormation
  • Enthusiasm for contributing to a dynamic team within a sizable organization
  • Eagerness to continually acquire new technology skills within a collaborative environment.

What You Will Be Doing
  • Development with Golang, Java, and Python where needed
  • Infrastructure work