Golang Job: Senior Operations Engineer - Cloud Support

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Irvine Technology Corporation
United States of America


Remote Position
(From Everywhere/No Office Location)

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Remote role, W2 Contract. Sorry no 3rd parties.


You will be working with our SRE's to provide reliability services and support our cloud native platforms built on automated code deployment and continuous integration principles. You will contribute and learn multiple technology skills (cloud, container orchestration, tooling, network, automation) and will be responsible to provide seamless experience to our developer community by continously improving reliability , security and automation of our foundational cloud platforms   . 


  • Public cloud platforms: AWS (extended hands-on experience) 
  • Good Understanding of Cloud computing infrastructure components and technologies.
  • Management and monitoring of AWS Platform
  • Good understanding of key services like CloudFormation, KMS, S3, IAM, EC2, ServiceCatalog, CodeCommit
  • Ability to analyze Cloudwatch logs and troubleshoot any issues
  • Good understanding of SCPs, Control Tower, StackSet and Lambda Functions

  • Programming languages: Python or Golang

  • Ability to create medium solutions using Procedures and Classes
  • Good understanding and working experience on Python Dicts, JSON and Yaml
  • Ability to review code by other programmers
  • Ability to create medium-level solutions using Functions, Structs, and Interfaces
  • Good understanding and working experience with libraries
  • CI/CD tooling:  Github Actions
  • Can read and understand existing github workflow code
  • Understanding of expressions, context, environment variables, jobs, runner, secrets use
  • Can troubleshoot issues with existing workflow using workflow run logs, debug logging etc
  • Containerisation: Kubernetes, DockerHelm 
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - Terraform
  • Good Understanding of Terraform (basic concepts, e2e working)
  • Can read code in HCL
  • Can Deploy resources using Terraform
  • Troubleshoot issue with existing code
  • Networking experience: load balancing, network security, standard network protocols
  • Tools for Logging like Splunk


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field (Master's preferred) plus 3-5 years of work experience