Golang Job: Observability Engineer || Phoenix, AZ (Onsite)

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Phoenix, AZ - United States of America

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1. Grafana OSS Stack for observability (Mimir,Loki,Tempo, Grafana agent)
2. Azure/Google Cloud Platform hands-on with details around pulling observability data from managed services
3. Golang/Python coding or from solutioning background with experience on SRE development and Open telemetry implementation

10+ years of experience in SRE development with observability and the roles and responsibilities include

1. Deploying/managing and optimizing enterprise level observability platform for Grafana OSS products like Mimir,Loki and Tempo
2. Design and develop standard dashboards for critical metrics for various Azure/Google Cloud Platform services using the observability data
3. Research and develop new solutions for other pillars of observability (like RUM, Synthetic Monitoring, Network monitoring and profiling)
4. Understand existing exporters for implementation/enhance or create custom exporters for pulling metrics from different Azure/Google Cloud Platform/SAAS services
5. Guiding the offshore team on the ingestion pipelines using Python/golang or any other open source technologies