Golang Job: Site Reliability Engineer

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We are looking for SRE to work on a major international project.

100% remote work.

Offer addressed to workers from any EEC country.


  • Implements Site Reliability Engineering and/or DevOPS practices.
  • Manages technology, infrastructure and software development projects in accordance with SRE and/or DevOPS principles.
  • Empowers development teams through the introduction, development and/or maintenance of efficient tools and processes.
  • Ensures continuous, high velocity delivery and automated deployment through the use of software provisioning, configuration management, source code management and/or team collaboration applications (e.g. Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Docker, Github, Gitlab, Kubernetes, Puppet, Visual Studio).
  • Develops automation and services in GoLang, Python, Perl, Typescript, Ruby or other scripting and programming languages.
  • Contributes to the improvement of availability, latency and performance of services and infrastructure.
  • Contributes to the improvement of technology, processes and organization in terms of Observability.
  • May include specialist roles (e.g. FinOps Analyst/Engineers)

\- Mastery with operating and maintaining Kubernetes based container orchestration solutions.

\- Mastery with public cloud solutions (such as GCP or AWS)

\- Mastery with (at least) one configuration or provisioning management tool (such as Saltstack, Terraform or Puppet).

\- Proficiency with cloud computing.

\- Proficiency with modern monitoring and alerting solutions in cloud environments.(grafana,alertmanager,prometheus etc.)

\- Proficiency with languages like Go or Python.

\- Proficiency with source code repository based working baked by Gitlab / GitHub for instance

\- Experience with private cloud solutions like Openstack is beneficial

\- Experience with DB and messaging streaming solutions (Kafka, Cassandra, MySQL etc.) is beneficial

\- Familiarity with load balancers solution.