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At Kawa Space, we’re a super crazy bunch, building the future of how space-based solutions are provisioned and consumed at scale. We are a small bunch of geeks who are interested in writing code, passionate about building systems, curious in analyzing images from space and dedicated to bringing insights from space to people on earth who need them.

We are looking for a super geek to join us in our mission by building our backend systems.

You will

  • Design and develop systems that need no maintenance (are you willing to dream?)
  • Develop and maintain a service-oriented backend (with great power comes great responsibility)
  • Analyze and identify bottlenecks in performance (and not be a pain in the neck in the meantime)
  • Design secure, stable, and robust architecture (if you build a stupid one, you will need to maintain it so…)
  • Improve monitoring of production services to catch warning signs and critical conditions (clairvoyance is a bonus)
  • Collaborate with front-end engineers to add support for complex user interfaces (or write it yourself)
  • Collaborate with DevOps to automate everything. (added plus if you can automate writing the code as well)
  • Mentoring younger team members and thinking from POV of setting up a team.

You have

  • The ability to think about a complex problem carefully and break it down into small, achievable chunks (it’s fun, isn’t it?)
  • An immense sense of curiosity and stubbornness to quickly learn and work with new technologies like Golang and solve novel problems (there’s joy in getting to the bottom of something!)
  • A high degree of proficiency in at least one backend programming language like Golang, Java or Ruby (and are excited about learning more)
  • 3-4 years of software development experience
  • Worked with relational databases before or are keen to understand and work with them
  • A bias towards writing clean, modular code that’s a joy to read (and that you are just so proud of)
  • A desire to build large-scale, highly available, low latency systems (that people will actually use)
  • A decent understanding of basic computer algorithms and data structures (is a hash table always better than an array?)

Bonus points for

  • Being proficient in Golang, Java and Ruby on Rails and having a working knowledge of Python
  • Having worked with PostgreSQL
  • Having worked with Redis, Kafka and Docker
  • Having used Kubernetes in production before
  • Having a decent understanding of Airflow

*We have *

  • Employer-paid health care
  • Remote and distributed team
  • Casual and diverse workplace
  • Unlimited Vacation policy
  • Stock options

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