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About E-Flux

E-Flux is a fast-growing company, active in the dynamic electric driving market. We offer a unique platform for companies that are concerned with electrical mobility. With our invention, companies can manage their charging stations, users, and services from one online platform. Currently, we serve 20% of the Dutch market, growing quickly and setting our aims firmly on repeating that success internationally. Our goal, and possibly your new mission? Make EV Charging accessible to everyone.

We are looking for a Staff Software Engineer to join our Development Team.

About the role

As a Staff Software Engineer, you should have a strong technical background, excellent leadership and communication skills, and a passion for continuous learning and improvement, and your role will involve;

Technical leadership:
As a Staff Engineer, you are expected to provide technical leadership to the team. This means you should have a deep understanding of the technologies and tools used by the team, and be able to mentor and guide junior engineers. You should also be able to make technical decisions and provide guidance on architecture and design.

Project ownership
: Staff Engineers are expected to take ownership of projects from start to finish. This includes understanding requirements, designing solutions, implementing features, and testing code. You will be responsible for ensuring that the project is delivered on time and meets quality standards.

Cross-functional collaboration:
You should be able to collaborate with other teams, including product managers, designers, and other engineers, to ensure that the product meets the customer's needs. You should also be able to communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.

Continuous learning:
You should stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and tools relevant to your field. You should also be willing to experiment with new approaches and share your findings with the team.

Code quality and best practices:
Staff Engineers are expected to ensure that code quality is maintained and best practices are followed. You should be able to write clean, maintainable, and scalable code, and ensure that the team is following coding standards and best practices.

The role is primarily remote with an office available in Amsterdam as needed.

What do we value in our candidates;

  • You have a good track record of ownership and delivery of platforms across different business domains;

  • You code well and are language agnostic, most of our platform is Golang, typescript with react frontend;

  • You have a DevOps mindset and are comfortable in Unix environments, cloud orchestration, Kubernetes, containerisation, CI/CD automation etc.

  • You have good experience with distributed, eventually consistent, micro architectures;

  • You have a playbook for working with and transitioning legacy platforms;

  • You are analytical and enjoy investigating issues to understand the root cause;

  • You are driven, have the ability to make things happen, and get everyone engaged;

  • You are a team player and can enthuse, assist and further develop other team members;

  • You understand agile beyond by-the-book cargo cult approaches to common methodologies;

What do we offer in addition to your salary?

  • An independent role with the chance to grow along with your responsibilities

  • Personal development opportunities

  • A chance to make a difference in a sustainable and self-starting organization

  • A young dynamic ambitious team. Besides hard work, we like to have fun with social events and team building activities

  • 8% Pension allowance

  • 8% Holiday allowance

  • This role is entitled to participate in the company SAR programme at the corresponding level

  • Unlimited vacation days: We believe you have to recharge too!

  • Daily lunch and drinks at our own E-Flux bar;

  • Local employment contract if working remotely outside of the Netherlands

More about us

At E-Flux, we believe that an open mindset and challenging ourselves are a must to continuously strive for the best results. We are amid a transition from start-up to scale-up, which requires us to bring more structure and clear processes to reach the next stage. Are you a true builder of organizational processes? Join our team of 100+ colleagues working in our Amsterdam HQ.

Want to know more about our company vision, culture or career growth opportunities? Have a look at our careers site https://www.e-flux.io/careers/