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Qedoo Network Inc.


Remote Position
(From Everywhere/No Office Location)

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We will take over a software which have been operated many years. We hope you:

1. Proficiency in business code, with experience in at least one of the following static languages: Java, Golang, C++, C, C#, Rust, and experience in large-scale projects (such as e-commerce, CDN, multiplayer games, etc.) with millions of users is preferred. The ability to design high-level abstract OOP concepts, global awareness, and the ability to quickly learn existing frameworks and improve or refactor them is required.

2. Experience in designing projects with multithreading and high concurrency (QPS 1000+), and experience using various caching systems (Redis, Memcached).

3. Some knowledge of various encryption and decryption algorithms (including but not limited to those built into TLS), deep understanding of various authentication and login methods (such as AEAD, JWT), proficiency in socket programming, deep understanding of TCP/IP protocol, experience in converting data packets such as SOCKS protocol, TCP, and UDP, and experience in encryption and decryption operations.

4. Some knowledge of statistics and proficient in using SQL to perform statistical operations on large amounts of data (optional).

Or in Chinese:

1、业务代码熟练,有过JavaGolangC++、C、C#、Rust之类的静态语言,任意一种语言熟练且有大型项目(大型电商、CDN、多人游戏等百万级用户)经验者优先。要求拥有有高层次抽象的OOP设计理念 ,全局意识,并能快速掌握现有框架且加以改进、重构。


3、对各种加密解密算法(包括但不限于tls内置的各种加解密算法)有一定的了解,对各种认证登录方法(AEAD、jwt之类)有较深入的了解,并熟练掌握socket编程,对TCP/IP 协议有深入了解,对socks协议、TCP,UDP等数据包的转换,加解密操作有经验。


Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $100,000.00-$200,000.00 per year


  • Profit sharing
  • Stock options

Flexible Language Requirement:

  • French not required


  • Monday to Friday

Supplemental pay types:

  • Bonus pay
  • Commission pay
  • Overtime pay
  • Signing bonus
  • Tips

Work Location: Remote

Expected start date: 2023-04-01