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Backend Engineer- Golang

Job Description

We are looking for a strong backend engineer to join our team: The Shop team focuses on providing the user experience and APl‘s which powers our ability to offer a checkout experience to any one of our customers or partners.

This includes things such as owning our checkout modal and experience, credit decisioning and fraud decisioning engines, UX for different payment options, and growth opportunities. Teams work with React and Javascript on the Front End, and a Go services oriented architecture on the backend.

Job Description

This person will be responsible for the continued improvement of some of our most core services. Prior experience with Go is required. You'll be required to solve ambiguous problems.

Quality and Testing: Consistently writes production ready code that is easily testable, easily understood by other developers, and accounts for edge cases and errors. Understands when it is appropriate to leave comments, but biases towards self-documenting code. Understands the testing pyramid, and writes unit tests as well as higher level tests in accordance with it. Always writes tests to handle expected edge cases and errors gracefully, as well as happy paths.

Debugging and Observability - Proficient at using systematic debugging to diagnose all issues located to a single service. Uses systematic debugging to diagnose cross service issues, sometimes with help from more senior engineers. Is aware of the organization's monitoring philosophy. Helps tune and change the monitoring on their team accordingly. Is aware of the operational data for their team's domain and uses it as a basis for suggesting stability and performance improvements.

Software Design and Architecture- Understands their team's domain at a high level and can gather sufficient context to work productively within it. Has expertise in a portion of their team's domain. Interview process: 1 technical/cultural interview

Requirements & Notes Interview process:

1 technical/cultural interview

Must have skills :


-Quality Assurance (QA)

-Golang (Go)

Nice to have skills

-App Design

-Azure (Microsoft Azure)

-Service-oriented Architecture (SOA

Tipo de puesto: Tiempo completo

Salario: $70,000.00 - $75,000.00 al mes


  • Lunes a viernes
  • Turno de 8 horas


  • Horarios flexibles
  • Trabajar desde casa

Lugar de trabajo: Empleo remoto