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Amsterdam - Netherlands

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How does it sound to work in a role where you can put your creativity, software development skills and love of all things tech- and innovation-related to full use? Working with Golang? Creating products that make a real difference in our clients’ professional lives? While charting your own career path and growing both personally and professionally?

Your role

You are a backend developer who is part of a multidisciplinary team working closely with front-end developers that consume your GraphQL api backend by a growing number of services, programmed using different languages and hosted on AWS or GCP.

As a backend developer you will work on software that models the complex business processes and data structures which is the core of the Skills Management product. You are building a multi-tenant, multi-language, multi-repository SAAS global solution. Your solution will fit in our growing microservices architecture which are mostly powered by PostgreSQL databases. Principles such model-driven development, contract-first, CI/CD are no strangers to you.

As a Scrum team member, you will work on completing User stories and as a team you are responsible for building, testing and operating (office hours) your own software products such that our customers can enjoy our fast, reliable, high quality software products.

Furthermore you’ll help with designing and implementing complex integrations connecting customers to our system. You like to discover new patterns and technologies that can help us move forward.

What tech are you using?

A quick summary of our backend landscape:

  • Go, Python, Smalltalk (legacy)
  • Amazon Web Services ( ECS, Fargate, VPC, ELB)
  • Google Cloud Platform ( CloudRun, Pub/Sub, BigQuery )
  • PostgreSQL
  • gRPC, REST

Your profile

As our potential, new full stack developer, we’re looking for someone with the following skills, competencies, qualifications, and personality traits:

  • you are an able programmer, preferably Go / Golang. Having a background in Python, Java or .Net is also great!
  • knowledgeable about Cloud technologies
  • ample experience with Docker
  • enthusiasm, curiosity, independence, responsibility
  • high level of professional & intellectual ability
  • excellent verbal/written English-language skills
  • cooperative mentality
  • appetite for lifelong learning
  • previous expertise & experience in the technologies we mentioned above

What we offer

Besides a great working and learning environment, you can expect to:

  • feel right at home in our open and informal work culture
  • whip our butts (or get yours whipped) at table tennis or table soccer (foosball) during breaks
  • set up your personal workspace any way you want or work from home – it’s up to you
  • play a key role in creating products that make a real difference to our clients
  • receive a travel allowance
  • get paid a good salary in line with your skill and experience level
  • have the freedom to learn on the job