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RedCarbon SA


Lugano - Switzerland

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RedCarbon develops an AI Engine Cloud based that supports Incident Handling with Threat Analysts, Incident Management & Contextual Rules to discover potential danger during their SOC duties quickly.

The core Virtual Analyst consists of a microservice architecture able to automatically enrich and merge data from several thread intelligence sources and automatically classify potential threat intelligence incidents based on given scenarios.

RedCarbon platform is based on modern technologies and solutions. The platform has been designed according to microservice architecture and is based on Kubernetes and deployed on the GCP Platform.

Microservices are developed mainly on nodejs and golang languages, while frontend apps are based on React.

To support RC development, we look for a fullstack development expert with proven track records and ability to develop complex backend and frontend applications and microservices.


The development will mainly work on integration with frontend and backend microservices by enhancing our graphql stack. Microservices are mainly communicating using gRPC while frontend communicates with graphql with a graphql middleware. The main activity will be on extending our graphql API to integrate with new api from gRPC/microservices and creating new feature on the frontend par.

The development will be in close contact with the Head of developing team, with the backend part of RedCarbon, as it will be necessary to do some iterations on the web part to define the specifications well.

Required Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of Node.js development
  • Excellent knowledge of React development
  • Experience of developing Graphql API and code generation tools such as graphql-code-generator / Apollo Codegen or similar
  • Experience with testing for Node.js and React applications

Nice to have

  • Experience with gRPC
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes

Lugano, Canton Ticino, Switzerland – Hybrid position

Please submit by mail both CV and presentation letter. RedCarbon will not consider any submission without a presentation letter.