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Bangalore - India

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Minimum 2+ years of relevant experience in micro-services development.

Strong knowledge of Go programming language with required hand-on experience

Excellent knowledge of common goroutine and channel etc. patterns

Experience with Go framework & tools . e.g Revel, Stringer, Go kit etc.

Experience with containerizing Go lang microservices.

Preferred experience in building Go lang microservice with gRPC implementation.

Significant development experience in a Java focused on data, APIs & Microservices.

Strong understanding of data and data integration concepts (SQL, data governance, enterprise


APIs and related concepts (OData, GraphQL, API Gateways, OAuth, Swagger etc.).

Excellent written & verbal communication skills are essential.

Good exposure in containerizing applications with Docker.

Hands on with cloud environments. AWS with EKS preferred

Location: Bangalore

Job Type: Full-time


  • Day shift