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SDM Technologies AG


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Security Made Simple

SDM Technologies AG was established with the vision of a streamlined end-to-end ecosystem for securely managing data and enhancing security beyond OEM devices. SDM’s full-stack mobile security suite maximizes privacy without impacting the user experience.

Founded in 2021 and fully funded, SDM is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland with a significant presence in Canada. Our globally distributed teams enjoy a remote work lifestyle and encompass a unique blend of skills with a hybrid of hardware engineering and secure mobile development, fused with infrastructure deployment and management.

To learn more about SDM, please check our website at https://www.sdm.tech.

Innovate with Us

Work with new, exciting technologies in an enterprise environment using modern development tools as an Android OS (AOSP) Developer at SDM. You will join a forward-thinking, fast-paced collaborative team, where ideas are valued and expertise is fully utilized in the development of progressive products and solutions. You will have a solid Android application development background along with strong C or Rust experience. You will work closely with the development team to deliver high-quality, secure products to our clients. In this role you will use a test-driven approach to creating components for open-source operating systems for desktop computers, laptops, phones, and tablets.

Similar titles that would fit this position include Embedded Software Developer, Android Mobile Engineer, or Kernel Developer.

As an Android OS Developer, experience working in continuous integration environments, establishing robust virtualization systems, and building memory-safe components for the latest OS versions and technology (for example, Android 12-13, Fuchsia, and virtio vhost-user) are key components to this role. We are seeking a great communicator and team player who is passionate about technology, excited to be part of a fresh, enterprising venture, and has a solid track record of delivering results.

Make an Impact

In your role as an Android OS Developer you will:

  • have access to engineering hardware and development kits
  • work closely with the development team to deliver our high-quality, secure product
  • expand the capabilities of the product with new functionality
  • build high-performance, memory-safe client-facing systems
  • create a robust operating system with the latest technologies
  • create and deliver presentations and technical documentation for internal teams
  • work with CI/CD and automated testing environments
  • recommend new technology and share your expertise with the team to grow our collective knowledge
  • build a fulfilling career with a modern company that values personal and professional growth

Abilities and Talents

Your required skills include:

  • 2+years of professional software development experience including a minimum 1+ years specifically with Android OS (AOSP)

Additionally, you have experience with:

  • embedded software development to create Android OS using C, Rust, or Linux Kernel programming
  • creating and working with Data Structures
  • the development of algorithms to handle exceptions and errors
  • ability to install and verify firmware on embedded systems
  • understanding of systems integration and device integration
  • utilizing, testing, and debuging the latest versions of the OS
  • develop firmware algorithms to handle exceptional conditions and errors
  • mocking/testing frameworks
  • git version control
  • building and deliver high-quality, secure, tested code
  • considering problems from multiple angles to contribute effectively to solutions
  • adaptability in a fast-paced, dynamic, and growing organization
  • collaboration with both technical and non-technical audiences
  • ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment
  • taking ownership of projects and technologies while sharing your expertise with the team
  • spoken and written English communication

Your preferred experience includes any of:

  • competitive programming
  • client server protocols (e.g. REST, GRPC, protobuf)
  • cryptography and cryptosystems (e.g. PKI, hashing, certificates)
  • database frameworks (e.g. Realm, Room, SQLite)
  • continuous integration environments (GitLab CI)
  • other programming languages (e.g. Golang, Python, bash)
  • a variety of software development methodologies (e.g. iterative prototyping, Agile)
  • building test plans and strategies for Quality Assurance

Your preferred education includes either:

  • a degree, preferably B.Sc. Engineering or Computer Science, or
  • a diploma from a technical institution, or
  • a relevant certification from a recognized training institution

Remote Environment

Your home office must have:

  • a private work area, such as a rented space or a home office
  • a stable, high-speed internet connection on a reliable network
  • a computer with sufficient processing power to meet work commitments
  • a headset and camera for meetings

Competitive Compensation

This is a salaried position, working remotely. Compensation is based on experience and performance.

Thank You

We appreciate your interest in SDM. We will be in touch if you are selected to move forward with the next step in our process.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: CHF70,000.00 - CHF110,000.00 per year


  • Work from home


  • 8 Hour Shift


  • Android OS (AOSP) development: 1 year (Required)
  • embedded software development using C, Rust, or Linux Kernel: 1 year (Required)


  • English (Required)

Work Location: Remote