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Georgia Southern, GA - United States of America

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The Foundry Team at Mailchimp is seeking an Engineer to create and support tooling to manage internal hardware and network management services both in our data centers and in the cloud. We’re looking for an engineer who is comfortable working independently and thrives in a dynamic and collaborative environment. You should enjoy the challenge of troubleshooting production issues as well as looking out at the horizon and planning the future of our infrastructure.

What you'll bring

  • Experience writing APIs, tools, and scripts (Python, Golang, or Bash)
  • Experience running VMware in a production environment
  • Experience with Puppet or other config management (Salt, Ansible, Chef, etc.)
  • A working comprehension of Linux administration
  • Experience with cloud technologies (AWS, Google Cloud, etc.)
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tools and paradigms (Terraform, CloudFormation, Deployment Manager, etc.)

Bonus points for:

  • Experience with Ceph (or other distributed storage platforms)
  • Familiarity with other pieces of our technical stack (nginx, HAProxy, KVM)
  • Understanding of Linux filesystem technologies (knowledge of ZFS or mdadm)
  • Experience managing DNS authorities and caching resolvers
  • Experience with administration of FreeBSD
  • Experience with git or other version control

How you will lead

  • Ensure reliable and accessible availability of the company’s data
  • Consult on individual server-level file systems and storage systems, including emerging technologies
  • Coordinate maintenance and upgrades
  • Steer projects forward by providing feedback on code, architectural decisions, and assessments on team health
  • Establish patterns that help with consistency and engineer effectiveness
  • Collaborate with, mentor, and train other engineers
  • Provide technical guidance on team and department wide projects