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Do you see the problems, issues and glitches which others seem to miss,do you like to nitpick and split hair, is finding errors and ideating prevention measures a second nature for you? If so then you are someone we are looking for, a passionate and energetic Software Test Engineer working on production level applications, to develop an automated testing approach, create automation test plans and test scripts based on requirements-related artifacts .This is a full time terraformer position, meaning that you hit the ground running and quickly absorb the functional domain skills, business and market domain knowledge and above all nbyula’s core organizational values!

Who is an ideal match for being a terraformer at nbyula?

All the attributes that we are looking for in an ideal teammate.

  • Openness - We welcome people from different backgrounds and schools of thought, Nbyulans are open to different perspectives in approaching a solution and not just limit their thoughts or ideas to only a specific domain
  • Conscientiousness - We believe in working together for the larger goal and with complete dedication and not just for personal benefits, however we do not expect Nbyulans to work to the point of burnout
  • Humility- Being humble, grateful and respectful are the core traits of Nbyulans, we do not expect people to agree with every view of the management, feel free to have a different perspective but we always expect it to be put forward with respect
  • Risk Takers- Nbyulans are not afraid of the unknown and are open to new things, not that we encourage extreme risks without weighing the consequences but we are ones who take calculated risks
  • Autodidacts- Nbyulans teach themselves to learn, we do our own research to get solutions, we do not expect you to have a blank slate and figure everything out yourself, we are here to guide you but not handhold and micromanage you
  • Self-Actualization- Nbyulans are on the path of self-actualization, we are not bothered by the noise and distractions around us, we only work towards achieving our full potential. We do not expect you to over-burden yourself and not have fun but we expect you to work to the best of your capabilities

Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations:

  • Provide automated testing coverage for assigned projects
  • Create bug reports in the bug tracking system and ensure the fixed bugs' verification
  • Actively participate in daily project team meetings and brainstorming activities related to the project issues
  • Collaborate with project team
  • Provide recommendations to the project leads to improve test-automation- and/or QA-related procedures, systems and tools
  • Effectively collaborate on cross-functional and globally located teams including other testers, developers and business partners
  • Monitor automation processes and contribute to manual testing on demand
  • Prepare result reports, defect status reports and document all bug issues
  • Stay abreast of technology trends and industry best practices in testing
  • Present manual and automation test-based ideas to the team for review/approval
  • Active contribution in improving overall testability of the product and improve release quality
  • Ensure a fully functional product is delivered keeping in mind time and quality
  • Take ownership of deliverables which goes beyond technical depth of expertise
  • Prominently Used Technologies: Cloud computing, OSS, Schemaless DB, Machine Learning, Web Crawling, Data Scraping, Progressive Web Apps, Continuous Integration & Deployment, RDBMS, Nix

Qualifications & Skills:

  • We’re open to consider if you have completed B.Sc in a related field/BE/B.Tech/M.Tech in any engineering stream
  • Service and UI automation experience across web and mobile applications
  • Javascript/Python/Java programming experience in Linux/Unix environment
  • Understanding of deployment pipelines and release management
  • Understanding of SOA / Web Services, web servers, and clients
  • Understanding of various types of functional tests (brownie points for understanding of nonfunctional tests)
  • Software design and quality analysis methodologies, including Agile methods
  • Experience with distributed Source Control like Git, Mercurial etc
  • Experience with one or more testing frameworks such as Junit/TestNG/PyTest is mandatory
  • Development background would be an added advantage
  • Highly analytical, innovative, and ability to think strategically and to develop comprehensive detailed specifications
  • Good understanding of QA methodologies and knowledge of QA Automation processes and tools
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills; ability to produce clear, concise communications and documentation
  • Highly effective at working in cross-functional groups and getting results in matrix organizations
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to work on concurrent assignments with different priorities
  • Hands-on knowledge of building web/client-server systems using Python, Django/Flask, Nginx, MySql/MongoDB/Redis/Neo4J over Ubuntu/Debian/dockers or similar stacks
  • Fluent in HTML5 and CSS
  • Great understanding of client-server architectures, asynchronous request handling and partial page updates
  • Product-oriented thinking – you code to solve problems of millions and not just features tailored for individuals, you should be able to decide the features and strategies that best fit the majority usage patterns
  • Good knowledge of Python or equivalent scripting language like PHP, Perl, Lua, Bash etc
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of React Or Equivalent JS Framework
  • Good knowledge of Express
  • Exceptional analytical skills and inclination towards decisiveness vis-a-vis time-bound deliverables
  • Extremely excited to work in a fast-paced startup and driven to solve hard problems in the field of technology when applied to education
  • Ability to script in bash, browser automation scripts like iMacros, selenium will be a plus
  • Big brownie points if you know GoLang, TypeScript, and Java and if you have a good understanding of CI/CD

About Us:

Nbyula is a German technology brand headquartered in Berlin with a Research & Development Center at Bengaluru, Karnataka, operational since 2014. Nbyula believes in creating an open world, where opportunities and talent are not hindered by borders or bureaucracies. Nbyula is materializing this vision by leveraging the bleeding edge of technologies like cloud, distributed computing, crowdsourcing, automation, gamification and many more, to create a horizontal marketplace that ecompasses people, content, products & services for international work and studies, to enable, train and empower "Skillizens without Borders''.

To know more about us, please visit https://nbyula.com/about-us

Job Perks:

  • Opportunity to help build the next-big-what in the Ed-tech space like it’s never been attempted before. Your work will be on the live wire in front of millions of users
  • Gaming chairs to keep you comfortably on a high
  • Live music on the floor while you work
  • Access to thousands of books
  • Snacks on the house. Fill up on your favorite munchies, select your poison of choice from sencha green to double shot espresso
  • Extensive health coverage for team members
  • Long weekend breaks for team members to plan trips or leisure activities
  • Thursdays and Tuesdays coinciding with holidays are clubbed with Fridays and Mondays so that you can go on that long break from work
  • We understand the pain of growing old - enjoy a fully paid leave on your birthday
  • An annual long break from Christmas to New year so that you rest and rejuvenate
  • Company aided accommodation for the ones who like to be on a loose
  • One menstrual leave every month for all our female team members so they can rest at home, ease their pain with a hot water bag and sip on some hot chocolate instead of working in pain and discomfort
  • No bureaucracy, respect for logical and analytical minds with thoughts and ideas
  • Opportunity to own a piece of the company in the form of stock options
  • We believe in comfort, ditch your formals and feel free to come to office in denims and casual wear, your work matters, not what you wear

Find your future at Nbyula!

For any queries around this position or how to apply, feel free to write to [email protected]