Golang Job: Senior Site Reliability Engineer

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Lisbon - Portugal

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Who You'll Work With

You’ll join our Lisbon or Prague office as part of One Firm Tech group. You will work with various product teams with a focus on application reliability, scalability and availability running in container infrastructure.
This group is responsible to develop new products/services and integrating them into our client work. It's a team of skilled engineers who work in a pure SRE mindset, providing reliable infrastructure and further develop towards enhancing the products. Your team members are located across the world in different time zones (Czech Republic, Germany, India, USA, Costa Rica).

What You'll Do

You will develop capabilities, which will serve as baseline for our client and improving developer experience. You will contribute and learn multiple technology skills (cloud, container orchestration, network, automation) with a strong focus on open-source products.
You will combine ‘Agile’ with expertise in cloud, big data and mobile to create and maintain custom solutions, in a way consistent with SRE principles, that help clients increase productivity and make timely decision.
You will champion CI/CD practices, the concept of error budgets, and blameless post-mortems. You will be a full-stack engineer and proficient in cloud-native models and in reliability engineering advisory and have strong knowledge of loosely coupled, API based component architecture models.
You will deliver expertise in SCM and CI/CD tooling and practices for container workloads, a variety of related developer workflows and principles, and master multiple programming and IaC languages. You will be a competent enabler of automated zero-downtime deployments.
You will also bring expertise in TDD principles and practices as well as key test automation tools and frameworks. You are well versed in chaos-engineering practices and in wheels-of-misfortune exercises.


  • 5+ years of experience with software engineering best practices
  • Experience with monitoring and data analytics tools required: Splunk, Elastic, Prometheus, Grafana, AppDynamics and others – how to build SLA dashboards
  • Experience with programming languages, such as Python, Golang, Ruby, JavaScript, or other object oriented language
  • Experience with IaC languages, such as Terraform, Ansible or similar tools
  • Experience with test automation frameworks, such as test-kitchen, awspec, inspec or others
  • Experience with CI/CD tooling, such as CircleCI, GoCD, Jenkins, or GitLab
  • Experience with Public Cloud platforms, such AWS, Azure or GCP
  • Experience with Containerisation tools like Kubernetes, Docker or Helm
  • Experience with Kafka or Apigee
  • Experience with web front-end and database products, such as Nginx, Postgres, Mongo, or Redis
  • Experience with load balancing, network security and standard network protocols