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Zürich - Switzerland

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Golang Job Details

  • Should have desire to try and impress
  • Do not be put off if you don't have previous work experience, but you should be able to give examples of skills and knowledge
  • No reference or certificates required
  • Should be willing to learn
  • Might consider a strong React (frontend) only or Golang (backend) only candidate
  • Looking for a full stack software developer (with personality!) to continue building our health IoT web apps
  • The company has a massive to-do list brimming to the top with features
  • Essential: React, willingness to learn Go
  • Maintaining good code and processes is important; you should have a track record of a strong testing game and should be willing to work in this area; no cowboys please...no offense to cowboys.
  • Developers have been working remotely for us long before covid
  • Our solution is an integration engine for IoT medical devices or other IoT measurement devices (blood pressure, glucose, ECG, weight)
  • We have API driven apps for user management and device management.
  • We have been regularly getting on calls online to discuss problems (mainly technical, sometimes personal)
  • You should be technically clever
  • You need to be comfortable with the idea of ​​working from home
  • You should show some good ability to communicate

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Full Stack Developer Full Spec

An innovative digital health startup with a flagship integration engine, handling IoT data from an array of medical devices (blood pressure, clinical glucose, ECG, weight).


  • Full stack developer


  • An opportunity to work on a digital health system, more specifically relating to components relating to UI, DevOps, Backend and API areas. Exposure to relevant tools and technologies is required. Team culture in which knowledge sharing, professional growth and strive for quality in the solutions are paramount.

Areas of responsibility

  • Design and development of React web applications
  • Writing good code
  • Striving for API first and mobile first design
  • Maintenance and expansion of automated testing
  • Collaborating on designing of the system and API that connect its components
  • Conducting code reviews
  • Unit tests
  • Modern web technologies including: ES5/ES6, HTML5, CSS3
  • Tooling and library ecosystem for front-end development
  • Design and development of Go backend services
  • Development of cloud infrastructure provisioned with Terraform
  • Monitoring and reacting to any service operation errors
  • Keeping the level of automated testing at high level and improving upon it
  • Designing the system and API that connect its components
  • Experience with the cloud
  • Experience with the design and development of REST APIs
  • Knowledge of relational and NoSQL databases

The list above should serve as a talking point to learn more about each other, especially your goals and interests.
Desired experiences and skills
Someone with a burning passion and desire to build real world experience in the technology sector, and to put into practice coding theory. You need to be someone willing to get stuck in, ask questions and make suggestions.

  • Ideally with some exposure to or interest in:
  • Automated tests
  • typescript
  • cloud infrastructure
  • Agile framework
  • Experience with infrastructure as code solutions, preferably Terraform
  • Experience with function as a service concept and event driven execution model
  • Experience with microservice architecture and distributed systems
  • Experience with message queue systems
  • Knowledge of Linux system administration
  • Experience working in an Agile organized team
  • Experience in health/medical field
  • Experience with querying and storing large data
  • You want to be involved in technology innovation
  • You think and act client-oriented and have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • The hands-on mentality is not foreign to you

Work goals

  • Flexible startup working environment
  • To adopt leading-edge technologies where possible
  • To jointly work towards making top-notch innovative solutions
  • Team culture where knowledge sharing, professional growth and striving for quality in the solutions are paramount
  • Team work with no finger pointing blame games!
  • Open floor for good innovative ideas, new methods and techniques
  • Constant efforts to inspect and adapt

Location and schedule

  • Remote/home-based (within 2 hours of CET)
  • Flexible hours (weekday slot between 8:00-18:00)

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, 90-100%, 80-100%, 60-80%, 40-60%

Salary: Up to CHF3,900.00 per month


  • No weekends