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    07/16/2021 14:45

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Job Description

This is a remote position.

We’re in search of a senior back-end engineer that specializes in ROR with excellent knowledge of core concepts of backend engineering.


  • You need to be excited about the problem that we are trying to solve
  • Should have excellent command over ruby on rails with a minimum experience of 4 years.
  • Additional knowledge in Golang will be an advantage
  • Strong Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge
  • Should have created APIs from scratch which is being used in Production
  • Should be comfortable with creating systems handling up to 100k requests per minute, and have a mindset that understands scale
  • Ability to give clarity and communicate well with the team, including Product, Backend and Dev-Ops (if and when needed)
  • Ability to use profiling tools well, getting to root causes of bugs fast
  • Ability to pick and work on adjacent technologies if and when required (Eg: If the best performance monitoring solution needs a basic firebase setup, that should not be a blocker for you to go ahead and do so)
  • Knowledge of how to set up relevant test cases
  • You need to be comfortable working in a remote environment (Good internet connection and availability on phone is required)
Good to have
  • App Development experience
  • Experience in Test Driven Development
  • Ability to tell Product what creates better User Experience, ability to tell frontend what API responses will help the user get a faster load time
  • Inquisitiveness to understand the system as a whole, and not only be stuck to your domain of expertise (Eg: Figure out why excessive APIs calls are being made, brainstorm with Product and Frontend team to reduce the same without harming the UX )
  • Experience in working on a Social Media Product
  • Good knowledge of Graphs, and their applications
  • Data-Driven Approach to monitoring


  • Work timings - You are the master of your time. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. If you have committed something to the team, we expect that you will give it your best to make sure that commitment is done and is done on time.
  • Leave policy - Take a leave whenever for whatever reason you want. You don't need to explain yourself to us
  • Health insurance for you and your family