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We are building a new and innovative product for the Human Resources area to help organizations and managers to better understand their employees and their skills so they can properly reward and recognize them, keeping their motivation high and foment a better working culture.This product is targeted to big and medium sized organizations, it will be offered as a service on the cloud worldwide, and we already have an initial customer of reference in Portugal.The technologies and architecture is not defined yet but there are a few things we love:

  • Open source - we will use mostly open source software and will contribute back to the community as possible
  • PostgreSQL, Golang, micro-services architecture, Docker, public cloud, Ansible, CI/CD, automation, agile principles, Linux, Prometheus, Grafana, etc
  • Simple and scalable architectures and using the best tool for each job

We are looking to Cybersecurity and Operations Engineers to create the founding team. We want to address security from the beginning and build up our product with security practices in mind, and you will have a very important role.

You might be a good fit if:

  • You have a hands-on technical expertise in Cybersecurity, operation and admin experience of cloud systems
  • You can develop processes and procedures with necessary, efficient and pragmatic workflows to streamline cybersecurity operations
  • You can guide the development team on practices, protocols and tools to help them build secure services
  • You can do audits to find security flaws and provide solutions on how to fix them
  • You have a good understanding and knowledge of Open-Source Software
  • Familiarity with test automation tools, CI pipelines, cloud, containerization and infrastructure-as-code
  • You are able to provide end-to-end observability to help identify possible threats
  • You have experience with identity and authentication protocols (JWT, OAuth, OpenID, ...)
  • Knowledge of network protocols
  • You are curious, autonomous, pro-active and are always up-to-date with zero days vulnerabilities, new threats and the best way to mitigate them


  • Competitive salary compensation;
  • Career growth and development opportunities;
  • Bonuses;
  • Hybrid, work from home and/or in Aveiro city center office (750 to 1000 meters from Aveiro train station);
  • Dynamic work environment, a friendly team and an opportunity to learn and grow professionally


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