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Docklands - Australia

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The ideal candidates will be familiar with current technologies provided through Amazon Web Services or Azure. A focus will be placed on your ability to demonstrate an understanding of development practices, containers and micro service architectures. Experience with infrastructure as code and CI/CD pipelines is required.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The Cloud Enablement team is responsible for accelerating the delivery and improving the operation of the cloud-based software by providing and supporting tools and patterns which reduce the cognitive load on the company's development team. Building a homegrown tool from scratch to help with weaknesses in software delivery or incident management.

  • Design, build, advocate for and support the common tools and delivery platform used by their developers.
  • Improve developer experience and operational excellence.
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing across the company.
  • Select and rollout supported defaults and standards for CI/CD tooling, Observability, Security and Runtime Environment.
  • Work with teams across several continents, build relationships with their engineers by listening and understanding their needs and balancing this with the needs of their business.
  • Research new tools and patterns and continuously measure and evolve their ways of doing things.
  • Developer experience and a strong interest in both the delivery and ongoing operation of software.
  • Produced robust well tested code preferably in Golang however, will also consider Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Java or C# if you are happy to learn Go.
  • Deep knowledge of containers (Docker) container orchestration (Kubernetes). Deep AWS knowledge.
  • Knowledge of tools and patterns around CI/CD (familiar with Travis CI, Circle CI, Buildkite or similar).
  • Operations knowledge, such as incident management, immutable infrastructure as code (especially Terraform or CloudFormation), and problem solving.
  • Knowledge of observability; logs, tracing, and metrics, as well as familiarity with Elastic Stack, XRay, Jaeger, Zipkin, Prometheus, Honeycomb, or LightStep.
  • Security and compliance knowledge (CIS, ISO 127001, SOC 2, FedRamp)

Job Type: Full-time


  • 8 hour shift

Work Authorisation:

  • Australia (Preferred)