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You probably think cryptocurrency trading bots are like the current housing market. A black hole for many, a goldmine for few. However, these bots should be leveraged by a lot more people, because, well, they frigging work wonders. ;-) While the early adopters have been mining cryptos since the beginning. HODLING their investments for the big win. You might still be HOLDING on to your traditional savings, thinking the crypto-ship has sailed…

But hey ho, hell no. There is crypto-hope on the horizon. And we invite you to embark on our mission to simplify and clarify our ‘mysterious’ product. To all. Including yourself, your friends, (grand)parents and that nerdy nephew who keeps pestering you with terms like FOMO, FUD and Satoshi. Take those shitcoins and run, kiddo!

Forecast: raining FOMO
Do you ever trust the weatherman? Neither do we. But we do trust the unbeatable experts on our Cryptohopper team. And they predicted FOMO season. Of course you may think this was a far-fetched prophecy. But we’ve been back-testing our gut feeling since the early days and we were rarely wrong. So. Buckle up. We are prepared for the storm.

Step aboard if you’re not afraid of wild waters. And if you’re into the customer-facing side of things. Since our customer is the End Boss, you prefer to face him/her head-on! And you can. In our compact team you take the helm when it comes to conceptualizing, coding and implementing user-centric interfaces. A mission-critical responsibility because our bots-dashboards have (cough) grown organically. It seemed like a brilliant idea to make it super complex at the time. But hey. Together with back enders, our hugely talented (they made us say that) UX Designers and reputable design agency, you ensure the platform looks and feels as awesome (and responsive) as the victories our users experience. And yes, the roadmap, backlog and our wildest dreams are filled to the brim with new enhancements, redesigns and add-ons for our API, landing pages, onboarding and automated trading strategies. All for that flawless user experience. Show us what you got!

Hi, we're the full stack.
React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Golang, NodeJs, MySQL, InfluxDB, jQuery, Sass, Less, Rust, Flux, Redux, RESTful, APIs, AWS, Kubernetes, Python, Redis Cache, Cryptotrading, Cyber security, Linux, Open source, etc.

You know you got this if.

  • You bring 4+ years of experience as a front end or full stack developer to the table
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS and (preferably) React are probably going to be the best (wo)men at your wedding
  • You have a strong opinion on all things UX and (raw) design, and a track record that assures team members you aren’t talking sh*t
  • You look forward to (gently, gradually) growing into the position of inspirational team or chapter lead
  • One time you subsisted on nothing but design patterns for a month

What we offer.
A mission-driven culture with a great work/life balance and a good benefits package. Sure, we work hard to get sh*t done, but we also regularly push our moustache (sorry, it’s a silly joke for Dutch readers) for a VR gaming session, picnics in the park, indoor bouldering, drinks at the pub, live DJ sessions and whatever happens in our (wo)man cave - and probably best stays there. The setting aside, we also:

  • Pay you (pinky promise!): between EUR 55K and 80K per year [skill dependent]
  • Allow you to work wherever, including 2 days at our Amsterdam HQ
  • Send you on your merry way for 25 days each year, minimum (more is negotiable)
  • Provide you with great gear; a high-end laptop and whatever else you need to succeed. Perhaps an AI-driven desk chair that *knows* when you want to lean back?
  • Lifetime Cryptohopper subscription (if you don’t break our BFF vows)
  • Shower you with extras, like trading benefits, a generous training budget, and (mom will be proud!) the opportunity to work in a domain that accelerates financial inclusion for the unbanked
  • Pour you a stiff drink on Fridays, coffee that won’t make you wish you chose tea, and lots of mind-blowing feedback on your work, hobby’s and pets. And we sincerely look forward to hearing what’s on your mind, too.

Ready to virtually meet our engineers?
We don’t require (in fact, please don’t) a motivation letter; we’d rather have a good chat and tell you everything you want to know. About life, the universe, and everything! Mail your resume to hr(a) More information? Call or WhatsApp us at +31614886381 (n/a for trading insights ;-)

Soort dienstverband: Voltijds, Vaste baan

Salaris: €55.000,00 - €80.000,00 per jaar

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